Portals Does Denver

Jun 27

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At the end of this month, we’ll be hosting an all-local night (and day) showcase featuring Denver’s best experimental acts. This isn’t an official Traveling Showcase, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Denver here we come…

With that said, please join us in making PORTALS Denver your own:

Saturday, June 30th, 2012 :: 4PM-12AM :: 18+
Larimer Lounge, 2721 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205



Have a question about the show? Email us at tickets@portalsmusic.com or contact the venue directly: 303.291.1007 or james@larimerlounge.com.

And lastly, stream a small sampler PORTALS’ Speaker Snacks created as a preview to our line-up:

Achille Lauro 80s Prom Night at the Hi-Dive this Friday!

Jun 25


Join Achille Lauro for an evening of way back whens and what nots at this very special 1980's Prom-themed shindig. Over an hour and a half of sweaty dance jams await you as you fictitiously prepare for your high school graduation. Travel back to an age of shoulder pads, jean jackets, jumpsuits, Diane von Fustenberg Wrap Dresses, and MUSIC VIDEOS! Travel back to your own prom and make a couple changes. Maybe get laid this time. Achille Lauro will be providing the soundtrack to this time warp by performing da hitz from artist such as BILLY IDOL, TEARS FOR FEARS, DEPECHE MODE, THE CURE, EDDIE MURPHY, A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS, INXS, SOFT CELL, PHIL COLLINS, HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS, A-HA, DARYL HALL AND JOHN OATES, GRANDMASTER FLASH, PRINCE and MANY MANY MORE. So grab your spandex, Ray-Ban Aviatiors, and slap bracelets and get ready to get down.

Safe Boating is No Accident - Live Without Dead Time EP now available in our webstore

Jun 13

"Live Without Dead Time," the brand new EP from Safe Boating is No Accident is now available for purchase. Stream the whole thing below and head on over to our Web Store to buy the CD or digital version.

About the EP
Over the course of their past three releases Denver's Safe Boating is No Accident have slowly been inching away from lo-fi acoustic folk/noise and into a more straight-forward garage rock territory. As on previous releases, "Live Without Dead Time" is focused singer/guitarist Leighton Peterson's biting, satire-ridden lyrics. However, this is the first Safe Boating album to sound like it was written and played by a full band, with Neil McCormick's loping basslines and drummer Zay Alejandro Dicamara Rios' vocal harmonies providing the perfect backdrop for Peterson's words.

Have you heard the Seanario remix of Hindershot's "Rain Fare"?

Jun 10

When Hindershot did their much-publicized (by Hindershot) tour of the West Coast in 2011, their final stop was a little bar in Merced, California. There, they played with a nice bunch of fellows named Kid Mud. Months later, after the release of the Curse Us All EP, Sean from Kid Mud remixed “Rain Fare” into an exciting, upbeat electro-ballad. He describes his side-project Seanario thusly:

“Seanario started because my other solo project (Kid Mud) turned into a full band. When Kid Mud started, it was just me recording in my room and doing everything myself. I had a handful of songs and asked a couple friends to do a live show, and then it just kind of took form from there. I kind of lost that outlet of just locking myself in my little studio and recording everything from start to finish. So I decided I needed something new.

I decided to go the route of doing everything 'inside the box' and making it straight digital music plus vocals. … I have always been a Daft Punk, Mr. Oizo fan, but in 2007 the French electro scene blew up and I loved it. I'm too lazy to actually watch how they make the music, so this is me making music in that style with no training but just by ear. It's super fun and challenging, and at the same time, I have lost couple pounds dancing while making it.”

According to Sean, The Seanario EP (or possibly full album, depending on how many songs he gets done) will release at the end of June or beginning of July, 2012. He's also working on the soundtrack for a documentary film.

To hear his remix of “Rain Fare,” click here or stream below:

To read about Hindershot's Merced show, click here.

Seanario is on Way Grimace Records.

Fingers of the Sun Sleepy EP now available!

Jun 4

From the winding melodies of opener "Send Yourself to Sleep" through ambient, wandering closer "Careful with those sleeping pills, Percy," the Sleepy EP finds Denver's Fingers of the Sun exploring darker-tinged psychedelia than they did on their debut self-titled full-length. The Sleepy EP is now available for purchase in our webstore in both CD and digital formats.

Hot Congress Presents... Safe Boating and more at the Skylark

May 10

Hot Congress Presents... our monthly series at the Skylark Lounge continues in May with a great line-up featuring Rubedo, fresh off the release of their new album Mass Confusa, Safe Boating is No Accident, whose new EP we will be releasing in the near future, and avant-jazz-improv group Go Star.

Post 303 Radio Re-Launch Show Tonight at Bender's

Apr 28

"It's the End of the World as We Know It" on repeat for 24 hours. That's how the alternative radio station from my youth spent its last day on air. While that was probably a bit over-dramatic, it certainly felt like the end of something important to my young-teen self. And when Denver's Indie 101.5 - the rare commercial radio station that made a point of not playing what was on every other station - went off the air in late 2009 a lot of those feelings came flooding back. Not to be deterred, DJ Whip and co.

Hot Congress Residency at Lost Lake, Final Night

Apr 25

Our month-long residency at Lost Lake comes to a close this Thursday night with our fourth and final show. Playing will be Night of Joy, Hindershot, Colfax Speed Queen, and Ken Arkind & the Cascaders (featuring Jonny from Achille Lauro and Duncan from Hindershot) in a rare live performance. Music starts at 9pm sharp, and a $5 donation is suggested.

Here's the line-up:
9:00 Ken Arkind
9:50 Hindershot
10:40 Colfax Speed Queen
11:30 Night of Joy


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