Fingers of the Sun land track on Czech-based garage-rock compilation

Jan 10

"Cashmere Paisley Polyester," the final track on Fingers of the Sun's 2011 self-titled debut has made its way all the way to a Czech-based compilation. The comp, titled "Jerks From the Garage" can be downloaded for free at the Budabeats website. Judging from a cursory listen Fingers of the Sun are in good company, as there is some really fantastic stuff there! Check out "Cashmere Paisley Polyester" as well as another choice track from the comp below:

New Christmas song from Kissing Party

Dec 6

Well here's a holiday tradition we're really starting to love. For the second year in a row Kissing Party is releasing a melancholy slice of pop to act as an antidote against all that pesky holiday cheer. Sure, "Merry Christmas Darling (Maybe Next Year Things Will Change)" starts out appropriately "Christmas" enough with its chiming bells, softly strummed acoustic guitar and marching snare drum, but the song takes a turn for the melancholy when Gregg Dolan's vocals enter.

Local heroes Sauna open for the freakin' B-52s, Sunday, Dec. 11 at the Ogden Theatre

Dec 2

Hey, remember the first time you heard the terrifying song "Rock Lobster"? "There goes a narwhal!" How about the first time you saw the video for "Love Shack" on MTV? What about Kate Pierson's beautiful duet with Michael Stipe, "Me In Honey," from R.E.M.'s Out of Time? There isn't anything to say about these things that would make sense in an objective context, because they're already legendary parts of our culture's musical history.

Sauna are already a legendary part of Denver's own musical history. Remember the first time you saw Sauna play live? You probably thought to yourself, "Hey, these kids can really tear it up!" Remember the first time you heard "Croctopus"? You probably thought to yourself, "That's a song about a crocodile and an octopus getting it on. Rad." Most of all, you probably thought to yourself, "How come I've never been in a band this cool?"

It's time to forgive the kids from Sauna for making the rest of us look bad, and it's time to go see them open for the freakin' B-52s. It's gonna be the show of the... season? Decade? Century? Who knows. The only way to find out is to be at the Odgen Theatre on Sunday, December 11th. Doors are at 7, show at 8. 16 and up. Tickets are on sale now:


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