Hindershot Tour Diary Day 6 - Redding, CA

Jul 31


Still no sign of land. Morale is low. Tensions run high.

I awake to Patrick saying, “There are things on the roof!” My uncle is having his roof replaced, and there are roofers tromping around above our heads, making an ungodly racket. We go downstairs, eat some fruit, talk for a little bit about ecosystems, and then it's off to California.

Hindershot Tour Diary Day 5 - Portland, OR

Jul 30


Still no sign of land. Morale is low. Tensions run high.

Olympia. I can't believe I'm still in Olympia. I say goodbye to Zoë and walk back to Mike's place. As I enter the kitchen, Spencer walks in from the living room. He seems exuberant.
SPENCER: "Oh, you missed some shit last night!"
ME: "What happened?"
SPENCER: "I have NO idea! Turns out you CAN get drunk at sea level!"
JOHN: "Pappy almost rolled off a cliff."

Hindershot Tour Diary Day 4 - Olympia, WA

Jul 29


Still no sign of land. Morale is low. Tensions run high.

Up early to load the van and head for Olympia. Spencer and I are trying to fix the seat, which keeps coming unlocked and sliding around as we drive.

SPENCER: “I'm gonna need you to get back'ere an' shove it soon as I line it up.”
ME: “Just tell me when you needs it, an' I'll give it a good ol' shove. I got a whole pile a' shove if'n you needs it. Can't help but get some on ya.”

Hindershot Tour Diary Day Three - Seattle, WA

Jul 29


Still no sign of land. Morale is low. Tensions run high.

I awake from a dream in which I am involved in some kind of traveling freak show. Real original dream, there. We are at Patrick's aunt and uncle's house. Patrick is has become addicted to Angry Birds. He sits hunched over Diana's phone, ignoring our attempts at communication.

We are joyful to have a day without driving, and we celebrate by getting breakfast at a diner.

DIANA: “Seattle sort of reminds me of Poughkeepsie.”
STUART [with a huge, crazy grin]: “You remind me of Poughkeepsie!”

Hindershot Tour Diary - Day 2 - Bremerton, WA

Jul 28


Still no sign of land. Morale is low. Tensions run high.

I remember waking early to get on the road. I remember Patrick thinking he'd left his camera behind, and then saying, “I found it. It was packed into my other bag, like I'm a good little man who packs things.” I remember Diana saying, “Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,” and Stuart pulling out a portable cup holder, yelling: “Here's THIS!!!!!” I am convinced that these things happened.

Hindershot Tour Diary - Day One - Boise, ID

Jul 28

Having just returned from a tour of the American Northwest, Denver band Hindershot emerged from their trusty formerly-Baptist-Church-owned van a very different people than they began, all having succumbed to what they only refer to as "SPACE MADNESS" while curled up in the fetal position. One member, keyboardist Jesse Livingston, managed to keep it together just enough to jot down a few notes and random conversations from their adventures. Here we go, day one.


Hot Congress Records Sampler Summer 2011 - free download!

Jul 27

Head on over to our Sampler Page to grab your free download of our brand new Summer 2011 compilation. Featuring exclusive tracks from Hindershot and Ken Arkind, tracks from upcoming releases by Vitamins, The Don'ts and Be Carefuls, Night of Joy, Amazing Twin, Sun Red, Colfax Speed Queen, and Girls Walk By, and previously released tracks from Achille Lauro, Fingers of the Sun, and Kissing Party.

Q&A with The Nightgowns

Mar 10

For the past 20 years Seattle's shadow has loomed large over any city with a formidable independent music scene - Omaha, Montreal, Toronto, and others have all been hailed as the next town to break. Imagine, then, that you're in a band from Tacoma - a city quite literally in that very shadow. Such is the case for The Nightgowns, a Tacoma-based 4 piece (Trevor Dickson - vocals, guitar, keys, Cody Jones - keys, vocals, bass, drums, Kyle Brunette - bass, guitar, and Bj Robertson - drums) that plays brisky-paced, synth-heavy indie rock.


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