Q&A with the Jox, playing this Sunday at the Hi-Dive

Sep 30

Married songwriting duo Megan and Ryan Jox are certainly the adventurous type. Whereas most married couples with a newborn child would settle in, paint the spare bedroom the appropriate pastel, and line up a sitter, The Jox decided to paint up a converted school bus, line up a massive tour, and hit the road - where they've been for the last 4 and a half months. So it's no wonder their music sounds the way it does - wistful, shuffling acoustic-folk numbers that beg to be listened to on an open, dusty highway.

In advance of their show this Sunday, October 3rd at the Hi-Dive with Brass Bed and Action Packed Thrill Ride we caught up with Megan to tell us a bit about the Jox's current adventure.

Fingers of the Sun Free Download!!!

Aug 30

We've had these three songs streaming on Fingers of the Sun's band page for a few weeks, and now we're making them available as a high quality download. For free! Head over to our Download page to grab your free copy.

And if three songs aren't enough for you, be patient, as Fingers of the Sun are set to release their debut full length sometime in early 2011!

Q&A with Eux Autres – playing the Larimer Lounge Thursday, August 26th

Aug 25

Eux autres, the French phrase meaning "them others," sounds like "ooz-oh-trah." Eux Autres, the San Francisco based brother-sister duo of Nicholas and Heather Larimer sounds like catchy minimalist pop music that would fit well on a mixtape filled with Elephant 6 and Vaselines songs. On record, the pair always managed to sound larger than just two people, so they've added two more "others" (Yoshi on drums and Nathan on bass) for this tour and their upcoming album Broken Bow, due later this year.

Achille Lauro Tour Midwest!!!

Aug 4

Denver rock and roll band, Achille Lauro, announced its discovery of seven new North American cities this week. The new colonies were believed to be in an area considered uninhabitable and unsafe for traveling musicians. But now thanks to Achille Lauro, the land previously referred to as the "mid-west territories", can flourish with people, culture, and live entertainment. To complete the cartography of the area, Achille Lauro will be hitting the road to promote peace, love, and Denver's wonderful music scene. New and exciting experiences are awaiting them in strange and bizarre places with names such as Omaha, Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, Champaign, Springfield, and St Louis.

Q&A with the Spinto Band – playing the Larimer Lounge Friday, July 30th!!!

Jul 29

The Spinto Band is one of boundless creativity and energy. The Delaware sextet has been churning out perfectly-crafted-indie-pop-song after perfectly-crafted-indie-pop-song for so long now that they make it seem effortless. Taking a break from tracking the follow-up to last year's Slim & Slender EP, the Spintos are a week into a nationwide tour with Brooklyn's Miniature Tigers, and will be bringing their ebullient live show to the Larimer Lounge tomorrow night. Also playing is Hot Congress' own The Don'ts and Be Carefuls


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