Achille Lauro - Flight or Flight

Upward Away From The Ground
Low Cha Cha
Cold Snap
Hard Pressed
Thing About Sauza
Hand of Sand
Supernatural Beings
Goddess an Island
Cardboard Divas (remix) - digital only bonus track

Achille Lauro's Flight or Flight combines intricate guitar and synth melodies with the rhythms of Graceland-era Paul Simon, while vivid lyrics stutter and roll like dub music coming in over a station just out of range, recalling intimate moments and half-remembered conversations. The songs were originally conceived to be released as a series of singles, but after a few recording sessions the band realized they had enough material for a full length album. This singles-minded approach shines through, as Flight or Flight showcases some of Achille Lauro’s finest songs to date.

Tracks 1-9 recorded by Xandy Whitesel and mixed & mastered by Jim Ruberto. Track 10 recorded by Brian Joseph and re-mixed and mastered by Jim Ruberto.

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