Amazing Twin - Grown Alone

Gray To Have Eyed
Want's Yard is Dry Air
A Man Does Ands
Poster Elitch's
Hallo Hallo
No Thin Serial

While technically just an EP in length, Grown Alone certainly has the feel of an ALBUM. It's very apparent that Amazing Twin had that concept in mind during its creation, which is lost on far too many records today. It flows seamlessly throughout using lyrical ideas, intricate rhythmic and atmospheric elements, and the catchy, chiming guitars for which the quartet has come to be known. It's a truly polished record without ever feeling stale or manufactured. Start to finish, Grown Alone is an exercise in songwriting and craftsmanship.

Grown Alone is available on limited-edition CD with handmade silk-screened artwork or mp3. Purchase of the physical CD comes with an instant digital download.