The Blue Rider - The Blue Rider EP

Leave Me Alone
Naked Brunch
Champagne Problems
Start A Fire
Winter Alone

The Blue Rider EP is 10 quick bursts of fuzzy, vintage-sounding R&B, surf, soul, psych, and garage rock n' roll. Trebly guitar and dirty keys trade hooks over a killer rhythm section, while sparse vocals howl and moan throughout, almost as if from a distance. Available as a 10" vinyl (w/ digital download.)

"Since releasing its debut seven-inch in August 2012, the Blue Rider has not refined its sound so much as honed its edge a bit. A chaotic energy marked its earliest efforts; the band has since found a way to maintain that level of excitement while channeling its vigor more directly into its music. The live show is a cathartic affair that has its roots in garage rock — you can hear the soul and R&B that influenced these guys growing up in their songwriting and presentation — but the group isn't going for a stylized genre sound." - Westword

12-6-10 -- The Blue Rider -- Official Video from NO HORIZON on Vimeo.