Colfax Speed Queen - Satisfaction Intended

Jesus Loves Rock n' Roll
N.R.A. a ok
Fiends in the Night
Mean Street
Go Steady
Ponies at the Altar
Skeleton Man
Five Foot Cell
Look Alive
Work Until You Die
Bathtub Crank

“Colfax Speed Queen is not new to the game, but the band no doubt deserves more attentive ears. Its songs are as a idiosyncratic and lively as the street from which CSQ takes its name. Jumpy keys and jangly guitars steer quickly and full of punk attitude; it’s a formidable body that also extends a hand outward and grabs a fistful of catchiness.” Reverb (Denver Post music blog)

“From Denver, a little bit Prince and a little bit Buddy Holly. Imagine that being punk was fun and not so angry.” Donnybrook