Distant Correspondent - Distant Correspondent


"Modern dream pop in its latest form, best describes the mellow and floaty sounds created by Distant Correspondent..." - MTV Iggy

"Like Joy Division if Ian Curtis had been on anti-depressants." - Magnet

It started in secret. Distant Correspondent was not a band, but one person: David Obuchowski, guitar player/singer for critically acclaimed metal band, Goes Cube. Obuchowski had moved from New York to Colorado, and decided to give a name to the non-metal songs he was writing and recording in his basement. With 2000 miles between him and his old home, he sent them to his friends back in New York under the name "Distant Correspondent."

Everything changed when he met Michael Lengel in Denver. A multi-instrumentalist, Lengel had been recording his own music for years, but never released the songs publicly. With no discussion of what it should sound like, what genre it should be, they collaborated; working separately, Obuchowski handled all guitar and vocal parts, and Lengel covered all of the drums and bass parts. "I thought I would have a somewhat shapeless and atmospheric song, and then Michael would totally transform it into a tight, driving, and dynamic song," Obuchowski recalls when they first started writing together. The pair quickly recorded well over an album's worth of music in a matter of a few short months.

With these songs, David reached out to a mysterious woman whose music he'd been listening to obsessively for the last dozen years, but who he'd never met, and knew nothing about: Emily Gray, the vocalist of John Peel-mainstays, Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia. After finally reaching her and sending her the music, she agreed to join the fold, and lend her haunting and moving monologues to the music, all the way from Oxford, UK.

The lineup in place, the band set to work on writing more songs for a proper album. For this, they tapped influential Drag City solo artist, Edith Frost, who became a significant contributor, and took on the role as lead vocalist alongside David Obuchowski, singing on songs the band had previously completed, and helping to create new ones.

With the songs complete, Distant Correspondent would quickly cease to be a secret: Maura Magazine wrote about the band and premiered the song "Merge," calling it "moody, pulsing" and a "a lovely showcase for the vocal interplay between Obuchowski and Frost." A music video for their song "Summit" was premiered on Vice's NOISEY, where they said award-winning director Heather Crank "took the band’s sorrowful four and a half minutes of aching wistfulness and turned it into a gorgeous desert Noir film." A third song, "Listen," was then premiered by Aquarium Drunkard who described the song as "a wintery delight." And while the band had yet to play a show, the premiere live music website Oh My Rockness profiled the band, saying they "makes sparse, well-crafted dream-ish pop that slowly taps and swirls its way toward melodies of the haunting sublime."

This album is a co-release between Hot Congress Records and NYC indie Old Flame Records (Dead Confederate, Cloud Nothings, Twin Tigers, and more).