Fingers of the Sun - What Is This Life?

Another Glorious Green Morning
Thursday Morning Dreams
Toward What Waits
The Oracle
What Is This Life?
Meet Me For A Drink
Meow (An Image of Venice in Tatters)
Hello, What Are You Dreaming?
Song Of The Leaves
May As Well Be On The Moon
When Water Whispers
Sometimes I Go Into A Trance

"'What Is This Life?' is an album that reconciles Fingers of the Sun's earlier sound (rooted in '60s pop and psychedelia) with the lush arrangements and melancholic but hopeful undertones characteristic of the band's more recent live performances.

The vivid and layered sound should come as no surprise. The band recorded 'Life' at EastWest Recording Studios in Los Angeles, in the same room in which most of the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, as well as much of the Mamas & the Papas' oeuvre, was recorded. The group had hoped to capture the energy of this stellar musical lineage in its own recordings." - Westword