Kissing Party - looking back it was romantic but at the time i was suffocating

Tomorrow & Tomorrow & Tomorrow
Right Out Of Real Life
The Swimming Pool
New Glue
Michigan Madonna
You Can't Have Everyone
A Vain Victory
Skinhead Jen
Stabs At Happiness
Two Boys
I Live With The Mystery
Night of the Pigs
You're Gonna Wonder

Denver indie sloppers Kissing Party are back with what can only be described as a Kissing Party record (half drunken-guitar-pop songs; the rest mini-pop-symphonies ).

'Looking back it was romantic but at the time i was suffocating' is the sound of debt, regret, heartbreak, hair dye & Pennsylvania.

"Though the sound may not have changed dramatically, the songs are better in an undefinable way. They are well-crafted little powerhouses of pop music even the most cynical and jaded music fan can love. This album should reignite the national underground buzz the band deserved years ago." - Reverb (Denver Post)