Kissing Party - Wasters Wall

Ways to Mickey
PA Girls
Empty Bed, But Bed
Ashley Smashley
The Bedfriends
Racing Alone
The Game
Wasters Wall
Winter of No Self Control
Gold Holes

Over the past 5 years, Denver’s Kissing Party has churned out well-crafted indie-pop music with such regularity they make it seem effortless. “Wasters Wall,” their fifth release and first through Hot Congress, was written in a more collaborative fashion than previous albums, and it shows with the addition of a few new colors to KPs traditional sonic palette of chiming guitars and dual vocals (see: the noisy, shoe-gaze-influenced coda of “The Game,” or the electronic pulses in album-ender “Gold Holes”.) Having a tremendous amount of songs to choose from has its advantages, too. Singer/guitarist Gregg Dolan estimates that they had around 278 to pick from – though that estimate should probably be taken with a grain of salt, it's irrelevant, as each of the ten songs to make the final cut is a gem.

Recorded/mastered at Uneven Studios by Bryan Feuchtinger.