Night of Joy - "Hardcore Girls are a Hoax"

Dead Road
Samhain T-Pain
Cool Runnings
Pay to Cum pt. 2
Put Your Sunglasses On
Concrete Jungle
Marge Simpson
Take Me To Your Dealer
Vein Popper Brain Ripper
John Candy
Doo Wop Sunday Night
Do You Love Me Now

"While you were registering your 15th album/project on Kickstarter, we were counting change to pay the rent and pay for this record. We play bars and have no draw, we've never been mentioned on your blog or Pitchfork, and we'll be taking shits around the clock whether you're paying attention or not. That's how the world works. It's taken Night of Joy for fucking ever to get Hardcore Girls Are A Hoax out into the world, and now you have to read this before you even listen to it. But the album is short, so you can still go meet your girlfriend at the Bane show. But remember: she doesn't like hardcore. She just has a daddy complex." —NOJ

Hardcore Girls are a Hoax is available on CD and cassette, with silk-screened artwork, as well as mp3. Every purchase comes with an instant digital download of the album.