The Outfit - Tough Kids

El Presidente
Tough Kids
What Happened To You?

Courses of change in the face of time create a Rocky splitting sound that causes an avalanche to make even the most giant of egos reflect and weep on, "What Happened To You". The emperor-esque held esteems and independent empire commanding, "Caesar" is the extended player's big single designed with big emotive high risers, paired with the song's key sparse bass from Mike King and Mikael Kilates' guitar that both play off RJ Powers' heartache in a heartbeat percussion. Lead singer and guitarist Eric Johnston evokes the feelings of a cold day in Colorado where the indoor warmth is fostered by him and the band, in between the memorable accusatory finger pointings like, "you take, you take, so give it back," that stay with you like the closing refrain of "you animals," that catches up with you hours after listening.

The title song takes a time out to salute heroes of the cool, cutting edge, and trending off the neatest and newest waves on "Tough Kids". Johnston, Kilates, King and Powers have a knack for ear burrowing entities that affects and appeals through a synergy of sound, chord progression hooks and memorable lines. The trick lies in the manner of relaying those thoughts of envies past and present that are related through Eric's impassioned repeated delivery of "I was nothing, you were always something new." Keeping that energy fresh, "Projector" keeps it pushing with self observations displaced away from personal evaluation and acknowledged through the perceptions and perspectives of others, "I see myself, through their eyes." From the shred fest of overt self-conscious concerns over what other people think, the EP closer "El Presidente" reasserts and reassures all that The Outfit rocks to the style of their own threads and self-appointed lead processionals. Mike's bass steals the show in time to RJ's 4 quarter count, as Eric again encapsulates the band's ethic in the succinct-but poignant chorus phrasing of, "I don't want to, walk behind you."