Princess Music - Odobenidae

Morning Song (Reprise)
Evening Song (Overture)
baku (please devour my dreams)
White Wave
Wounded Walrus
Morning Song

Odobenidae is fashioned as a song-cycle of eight pieces, undulating between the dungeonesque depths of classic rock grime, and the playful heights of bantering woodwinds and strings. It is sonically sewn together to form the chimerical world of the walrus. Never lacking in drama or caprice, Princess Music has crafted an album intent on mirroring the nature of our lives.

"The truth is, we need a hell of a lot more music like this in our lives." - I Guess I'm Floating

"Like a painting done in microscopic detail, the layered, complex arrangements on this record reflect an artist with a lot of time and devotion on his hands." - Westword

All songs written and arranged by Tyler Ludwick
Cover art by Levi Nelson
Recorded by Tim Gerak at Mammoth Cave Studios
Additional recording by Griff Snyder at G-ma’s
Mixed by Tim Gerak
Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio