Science Partner - Rocky Mountain News

Child Stars
A Little Sound
Young Patriots
Eager Eyes
Bee is a Bee
Finish Where we Started
A Beautiful Beam

To say the least, Rocky Mountain News has been a long time coming. In 2008, Science Partner began as the solo and mostly acoustic project of Denver-based guitarist Tyler Despres. With the addition of new members (the band is now a six-piece) classic tracks like “Child Stars” and “Animal” had been transformed into strong, tongue-in-cheek pop gems. Other songs, like “Architects” and “Young Patriots” played out as lush, epic expanses of music.

Recorded in an apartment above a bar and polished up in a laundry room, their self-produced debut album Rocky Mountain News sounds surprisingly fresh and rich with three-part vocal harmonies, walls of guitar overdubs, and unabashedly pop arrangements.

CDs come in hand silk-screened packaging lovingly made by Science Partner.

Tyler Despres: Vox, guitar, keys
Charley Hine: Bass
Jess DeNicola: Vox
Maria Kohler: Vox
Luke Mossman: Guitar
Carl Sorensen: Drums

Scott Russell: Drums on "Animal"
Adrienne Short and Sam Gathman: Strings on "Young Patriots," Finish Where We Started" and "Bee is a Bee"
Stelth Ulvang: Accordion on "Child Stars" and "Architects"
Monkey dude: Laughter on "Child Stars"
Bonnie Gregory: Creative genius on "Child Stars"

Art by Kinsey Hamilton, translated for silk-screen by Stuart Confer

Recorded at Larksmith Studios, Genny's Room and the P*ssy Palace. Engineered by Tyler D. and Charley H. Mixed by Tyler D. at Wobblesome Keyboard Ink. and Bobby Gibson at Decibel Garden in Denver, CO. Mastered by Jay Harper.