Shady Elders - No Favors

In the Waves
Summer Song

"Their track “Schoolmate” off of their upcoming album is conveniently titled. We say that because we can’t help but think of dancing to this song at a high school prom sometime in the 50′s. The guitar chords, the dreamy doo-wop feel, and the sultry vocals of lead singer Britt Rodemich had us feeling like grabbing our sweethearts and awkwardly dancing in circles through our high school gyms." - The Music Ninja

"a group who believes in bringing back the ballroom waltz fused with the most sincere expressions of desire. The drums keep the movement rocking back and forth inside your heart, where the songcraft becomes a collection of love note bits-of-prose poetics that compromise pretension for pertinence. Like 1, 2, 3, step counts, and ' the Summer Song, I want you, and you and you alone, you don't know, you don't know...'" - Impose Magazine

All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered with Tim Gerak at Mammoth Cave Studios Denver, CO 2013 - All songs written by Shady Elders - Shady Elders is Britt Rodemich, Miles Eichner, Casey Banker, Marlon Chance.