Sun Red - Breathes Ages

A Glitch in Animal Programming
The Alchemy of Man

It’s unlikely that there will be a debut from any other Denver band in 2011 as dense, patient, and lyrical as Sun Red’s “Breathes Ages” EP. While much of that may have to do with the fact that three of this quartet played together previously in (die)Pilot, Sun Red is very much its own thing, and is certainly a step forward for the songwriters. “Breathes Ages” will likely draw comparisons to British rock bands such as Elbow, and much of that is due to Gene Brown’s vocals, equally as weighty and powerful in the quiet moments as the loud. Browns vocals are often dueling with guitarist Dan Sullivan’s counter-melodies, while drummer Chris Durant’s insistent style gives the songs a consistently forward movement. Recorded by bassist Trevor Noel Gagstetter, mastered by Jeff Merkel at 8 Houses Down.