Vitamins - No Notion of Anything Only Whatever Is What

No Notion Of Anything Only Whatever Is What
The Disappearance of David Lee Powell

Vitamins return in 2011 with a new 7" release for Denver-based art/music collective Hot Congress.

"No Notion of Anything Only Whatever Is What." Krautrock to infinity and beyond: the A-side of this disc is motorik, psychedelic, and a bombastic blast, but not necessarily in that order. Despite its overwhelmingly dense mix of color and texture—all carefully, studiously processed and mixed—the tune still manages a spacious, blissful clarity.

The 7" also includes a track called "The Disappearance of David Lee Powell" for the B-side. Both tracks composed and arranged by Vitamins. Engineering and mixing by Matthew Daniels. Mastered by Brian Marcus.