Achille Lauro

Easily the sexiest thing to come out Denver since Don Cheadle, Achille Lauro has spent the past 5 years building a dedicated and bloodthirsty fan base across the front range. They are the soundtrack to the devils stolen sex tape, a livid and confessional mix of Post-Rock guitar swagger and soulful dance music, punctuated by too many influences to mention, something akin to MIA fronting a garage band Radiohead attempting to recreate the soundtrack to the film Amelie. They are the perfect band to play at a dance party inside of a collapsing building, something both indulgent and necessary.

They have been described as "a group whose artistic vision is completely uncompromising and matched only by its ability to make people dance." by Westword magazine and "one of Denver's best and constantly underrated atmospheric rock bands, and one that deserves a national audience." by the Denver Post.

Their new album Flight or Flight is available on both Vinyl and digital download through Hot Congress Records (