The Blue Rider

We'd like to introduce you to a new sound in town, one we're sure will snap your cap. Now, let's get started, meet the boys! Alex, the lead guitar player (the boys call him "Eschen," "Freschen," or just "Esh" if need be), is the voice of logic in the group. You can catch him on a Saturday going for a cruise in his sea-foam green Valiant or playing blues riffs near a tree. Rett Rogers, (known as "Reggie", "Rodge-Podge," or "Rooster," depending on the day) plays the bass and is the most stoic Rider. Folks often mistakenly think he's "on something" but he's just meditating. He digs red cars and black cats. Shoose (born Marko Dmitriy Shusterman, L.A., 1985) is the Riders electric organist, and they wouldn't have it any other way. Famous for his pomme soufflé, he is always on time and likes to flirt with the girls in his Russian native tongue. Da! Finally, Scott Beck ("Becker," "Becherovka," "Beckman," etc), is the rhythmic manager on the 2's and the 4's. He says he favors the drumming styles of Bob Wyatt and Animal. His ideal date includes pizza, a skee ball session, and an action movie (not necessarily in that order), but he digs comedies too.

12-6-10 -- The Blue Rider -- Official Video from NO HORIZON on Vimeo.