Quantum Creep

"...infectious power-pop... Quantum Creep is the straight forward jangle of The Kinks, Nick Lowe and The Soft Boys filtered through a shoestring recording budget and a musical history mired in playing in some of Denver's most Out bands. Quantum Creep is comprised of the remnants of Denver weirdo band/Rhinoceropolis denizens Lil' Slugger and Vitamins drummer Crawford Philleo on keys.

Quantum Creep play this kind of Brit influenced Power-Pop the way it was supposed to be listened to. The Buzzcocks or The Vapors playing out of a busted car speaker with the heater on full blast as you drive down your snowy suburban street imagining playing solo guitar in front of thousands of screaming teenage females. This is what happens when you never let go of that dream. Swag." -Ryan Hall (Tome to the Weather Machine)

"Most of the members of Quantum Creep were in the experimental rock band Lil Slugger, a Captain Beefheart/The Fall-like group that confounded people with its jittery, weirdo indie rock with two drummers -- like a K Records version of the Butthole Surfers. When Lil Slugger split up in 2011, its members drifted off into other projects or largely out of music altogether. But they had a certain something together, a fascinatingly skewed take on pop music, and over the past two years, they’ve joined keyboard player Crawford Philleo (the former drummer of Vitamins as well as a music critic and key partner in the Goldrush Music Festival) to forge a kind of jangly power pop that, while it draws on the usual sources, is more fractured than pristine -- and is all the more appealing for it, as evidenced by Quantum Creep’s new album, Blood Moon." - Tom Murphy, Westword