Science Partner

Science Partner is a six-piece rock band that showcases lush, three-part harmonies, walls of guitars, a tight rhythm section and unabashedly catchy pop arrangements. Made up of members of some of Denver's finest and busiest bands, their performances are somewhat rare but highly polished. Science Partner's lyrical content ranges from the exiguity of humanity to the fleeting fame of child superstars. Recorded in an apartment above a bar and polished up in a laundry room, their self-produced debut album 'Rocky Mountain News' sounds surprisingly fresh.

Tyler Despres initially formed Science Partner as an outlet for his solo-acoustic material while mainly playing more rock-focused shows (Dualistics, Rocky Mountain News). He recruited Charley, Jess, Maria and Carl in mid-2009 and to much praise started gigging around Colorado. In mid-2010 Charley and Tyler decided to combine their epic rock group (Rocky Mountain News) with the Science Partner lineup adding Luke Mossman.