Celebrate the release of Blammo #6 this Saturday!!!

Jun 11

Kilgore Books (624 E. 13th Ave.) will host the release party for Blammo #6, the latest in Noah van Sciver's charming comic book series. Good people, good bands (including Hot Congress' Old Radio,) oh, and free booze!!! The event starts at 3pm on June 12th, and it also marks the second anniversary of Denver's favorite indie book store.

Noah is also well known as the author of the "4 Questions" comic strip in Westword. In advance of Blammo's release, we decided to have a bit of fun and turn the 4 Questions table around on him. A special thank you to Beth Link for the artwork! (PS, Beth illustrates the Lil' Slugger comic, also available at Kilgore Books!)

Show details:
-Bongo Fury - 3PM
-Old Radio - 3:40
-Champagne toast to officially release Blammo #6 into the universe!!! - 4:30
-Lust Cats of the Gutters - 5:15

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