Q&A with John Fate of Fate Productions

Jun 21

Already booking tours and shows behind the scenes for over 7 years, Denver musician John Fate finally has a production company with his name on it. With Fate Productions, John (probably mostly recognized as the drummer behind Denver bands such as Jim McTurnan and the Kids the Killed the Man, Hindershot, and For Pop Sake (currently) and The Pseudo Dates (formerly) hopes to mostly help touring bands hook up with Denver bands of a simlar sound and mindset. In advance of the first official Fate Productions show on Tuesday, June 22nd, we asked John a few questions about his new venture, "tour karma," and new venue The Fishtank.

Hot Congress: Is this your first show?
John Fate: This is the first show I have completely booked as Fate Productions. I have been booking shows and tours for 7 years now, but was just doing it because I wanted to play and travel. With Fate Productions I want to boost my tour karma and contribute to the local scene with booking similarly minded (DIY) touring bands and putting on the best shows I possibly can for them.

How did the idea for starting your own production company come about?
The Pseudo Dates were getting a lot of emails from touring bands asking if we could help them book a show in Denver. I was helping out a few friends booking shows in Denver anyways, thus Fate Productions was born. The way I see it, I'll be writing them in the near future asking them if they can help me book a show in their hometown or if my band can sleep on their floor, or both. Also, I know how frustrating it can be to get the run around from someone when trying to book a tour, people that do this are just hurting their own town/city/scene, which is exactly what I don't want to do. I think the reason so many bands that don't have a booking agent, label, etc., are able to tour a bunch is because of people helping people and bands helping bands. We're all in this together and I'm always supportive of anyone who is avoiding 'real life' and a 'real job'. If you book it, they will come.

It's the Fishtank's Grand Opening, tell us a bit about this new venue.
The Fishtank is an extremely cool warehouse space that is run by Sarah of Bluebelle. It is located on 2232 Lawrence St. Unit B. It is a cozy spot, easy to pack, and the bands can sleep upstairs; for a touring band, being able to sleep at the venue is awesome! It is also in the heart of downtown Denver and easy to get to by light rail, bus, or foot.

Do you plan on working mostly to help touring bands link up with similar Denver bands?
I'd like to help anyone wanting to play a show, especially touring bands that want to play in Denver. Also, I have been helping Denver bands book some dates on tours of their own, which has been very rewarding.

show details:
9:00 Slowness (San Francisco)
9:45 Bluebelle (Denver)
10:30 The Kris Special (San Francisco)
11:15 Kissing Party (Denver)
@ The Fishtank (2332 Lawrence Street, Unit B)
free/donation and all ages!!!

Another Fate Productions show coming up is on July 13th at the Lion's Lair with Violation (California) and Decent Criminal (California).

For more information email John at Johnfate1gmail.com or visit his Myspace page