Q&A with Slowness, playing June 22nd at the Fishtank!!!

Jun 21

San Francisco band Slowness existed for a full year and a half before being known as Slowness - or anything else for that matter. Coming together in the summer of 2008 (while guitarist/vocalist Geoffrey Scott and drummer EKG were house-sitting and chicken farming(!) together,) it wasn't until roughly 6 months ago that the band even had a name, and the name itself reflects the pace that certain band processes, such as finding a name everyone can agree on, can take. Regardless of how the band, rounded out by bassist/vocalist Julie Lynn, feels about its progression in the past, its future appears to be anything but glacial. In support of their new self-titled debut EP, Slowness is embarking on a nearly month-long tour that touches both coasts, have plans to release a full length by Christmas, and have already caught the ears of a legendary producer.

Hot Congress: What prompted your recent name change?
Geoffrey Scott: The recent name change happened because, for one, we just chose Past and Future so we could get this ball rolling. We literally sat around for 18 months with no idea of a band name. Anytime anyone brought one to the table, we'd all start laughing! Then we chose Past and Future, without really checking, and then when we put our stuff into Itunes, the album work from a German band, Past and Future got connected to our songs! So back to the drawing board. We chose Slowness because this whole process of being in a band, and getting half-way decent for performance, and to record something half-way listenable is a SLOW process....

What's the best thing about the San Francisco music scene right now?
The best thing about the San Francisco music scene, for us, is the really great bands we've met just recently. These really nice people who have wonderful music like Foreign Cinema and The Skeletal System and Sunbeam Rd. We're touring with them on the final leg of this tour, up in the Pacific Northwest. Otherwise, we don't necessarily feel connected to the San Francisco music scene. But we love the Wooden Shjips. And Aquarius Records is the greatest record store on the planet.

You've decided to skip Arizona on this tour because of their recent anti-immigration rulings. What led to this decision, and do you consider yourselves to be a political band?
The Arizona thing is a real disappointment. A true set-back, in terms of human progress. We don't take a strong stand either way, regarding immigration, as it's very complex. But, we're a nation of immigrants, and it wasn't our land to begin with, and we just think that immigration is a smoke screen for greater evils like outsourcing. And the way the governor of Arizona has conducted herself is appalling, and we were inspired by the Phoenix Suns owner and team and the way they protested. But honestly, we're not a political band, but some of this stuff does get covered in the lyrics. We're pretty middle-of-the-road- people and tend to look at things as neither black or white.

Your new EP was mastered with the legendary Kramer, how'd that come about?
Kramer actually contacted us. We were pretty surprised and honored by that. We befriended him on myspace, and the next thing you know, there he is asking if we need anything mixed or mastered. And we did! We're huge fans of his, especially what he did with Low and Galaxie 500. We were lucky also to work with Monty [Vallier - producer, Swell, Jet Black Crayon, [the] Caseworker,] and when Conor Jonathan was still in the country before the Caseworker dispersed all over the world, we were very lucky to have his guitar playing and experience in the studio with mixing.

Slowness is playing The Fishtank (2332 Lawrence with Kissing Party, Bluebelle, and The Kris Special on Tuesday, June 22nd.