Spotlight on the City – Denver

Jul 12

Just got an email from our friends at Breakthru Radio. They air a monthly series called "Spotlight on the City," and for the month of July they've chosen to Spotlight Denver. Follow this link to stream the entire 90 minute show. The playlist features tons of our favorite Denver bands including Hot Congress' Achille Lauro, Action Packed Thrill Ride, Don'ts and Be Carefuls, The Kissing Party, The Pseudo Dates, Vitamins, and Lil' Slugger

Full program list:
00:00 Spotlight on Denver,Colorado
00:31 Dark Horse-Tarantella
03:11 Amen Corner-Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots
07:08 Way of the World-Overcasters
10:35 Love In a Space Ship-Green Typewriters
14:07 Spotlight on Denver,Colorado
14:45 Adore-Wentworth Kersey
17:13 Through the Grain-Still Light
23:15 Hold On-Sonnenblume
27:11 Ever Present-DubSkin
31:38 Best I've Felt-Action Packed Thrill Ride
35:09 No Brakes-Achille Lauro
40:10 Spotlight on Denver,Colorado
40:56 Pine Box-Slim Cessna's Auto Club
46:35 Build the Fire-Kal Cahoone
50:03 Cookie Monster-FaceMan
53:57 Kathy in the Quarry-Gangcharger
56:40 Sequined Dress-Vitamins
62:58 Last Night I Dreamed I Cut My Hair-The Pseudo Dates
65:45 Spotlight on Denver, Colorado
66:32 I Just Want to Get Out of This Body-The Kissing Party
68:47 The Unbearable Lightness of Being-Ideal Fathers
71:14 You've Been Warned-The Don'ts and Be Carefuls
74:32 By Yourself-The Knew
77:13 There's No Id in City-Li'l Slugger
79:48 Go Go Go-Natural Selection
83:10 Spotlight on Denver, Colorado
83:57 Towns-The Outfit