Q&A with Finn Riggins, Playing the UMS Saturday

Jul 22

Sitting directly on the sweet spot between wildly experimental and catchy-as-hell, the music of Finn Riggins can often be spoken about using contradictory terms. Stylistically varied yet cohesive. Sophisticated yet unpretentious. Weird yet poppy. We prefer to look past the contradictions by simply calling it really, really great music. The Boise trio (Cameron Bouiss-drums and vocals-Lisa Simpson, guitar and vocals, and Eric Gilbert-keys and vocals) brings this great music to Club 404 this Saturday at 9pm as part of the Underground Music Showcase.

Wake is the leadoff song from Finn Riggins' new album, Vs. Wilderness.

In advance of Saturday's show, John Fate ( Jim McTurnan and the Kids the Killed the Man, Hindershot, and For Pop Sake) asked Finn Riggins a few questions about the band's early years, their non-stop touring schedule, and playing on the road with that other band from Boise - Built to Spill.

Finn Riggins is a touring machine! What does Finn Riggins do for fun while at home?
Ride bikes, go on hikes, jump in rivers, go to shows, play yard games, write music, work day jobs

Can you recall Finn Riggins’ first show?
Sept 2006 at One World Cafe in Moscow, ID. about 6 weeks after we moved away from Moscow and formed the band and began writing and rehearsing for Finn Riggins. we officially released our first EP called Air Travelers at that show. All home made and packaged in hand sewn cases with spray painted covers.

What are Finn Riggins top 3 favorite things about playing in Denver?
Friends, sweet local scene, denver art museum

Your second tour with Built To Spill is coming up soon, can you let us in on any inside jokes or running pranks you have with the band?
Nope. :) Played some hoops together on the last tour though, hopefully get to squeeze in some on this one.

Finn Riggins dream show? Where and with whom?
In Stanley, Idaho with the Sawtooth Mountains behind us with Ween, Tartufi, Jared Mees & The Grown Children, Le Fleur, The Slip, Caribou, Delicate Steve, And And And, Yeah Great Fine, Built To Spill, Mike Watt, Automato, Chad Vangaalen, Oliver Mtukudzi, Heart and With Child. That's not too much to ask for is it?

And one more video, because it's so damn awesome!

Check out more information, videos, and handmade merch from Finn Riggins at their website!