Q&A with the Spinto Band – playing the Larimer Lounge Friday, July 30th!!!

Jul 29

The Spinto Band is one of boundless creativity and energy. The Delaware sextet has been churning out perfectly-crafted-indie-pop-song after perfectly-crafted-indie-pop-song for so long now that they make it seem effortless. Taking a break from tracking the follow-up to last year's Slim & Slender EP, the Spintos are a week into a nationwide tour with Brooklyn's Miniature Tigers, and will be bringing their ebullient live show to the Larimer Lounge tomorrow night. Also playing is Hot Congress' own The Don'ts and Be Carefuls

video for "Jackhammer" from Slim & Slender directed by Phillip Davis.

In advance of their Friday show at the Larimer Lounge, we caught up with guitarist Jon Eaton as the Spintos traversed the desert somewhere between Phoenix and SLC. He discussed their current tour with the Miniature Tigers, recording studio secret weapons, and how rock and roll can sometimes be painful.

You're in the middle of a national tour with Miniature Tigers - had you met/played with them prior to this? Any highlights of the tour thus far?
Yes we first met the Mini Tigers at a Light FM show with us and them on the bill. We have played with them a couple times since and went on a second date, but just for coffee... Nothing serious, until now. It's been a roller coaster of emotion.

The highlight would have to be the Fortress release party in Phoenix on Tuesday. It was a raucous show and somehow Rick, the Tigers' drummer hurt his leg. Too much rock sometimes hurts... That's a fact.

You guys are building a home studio - being an avid home recorder I'm really interested in hearing more about it. Feel free to geek out about gear if you like! Have you had a chance to record anything for the follow-up to 'Slim & Slender?'
We are nearing the completion of tracking at a studio we spent last summer piecing together. Nick has compiled a nice collection of recording equipment over the years and the secret weapon in our studio is Super Bomberman for SNES.

You have really amazing music videos that often feature cut-out animations that kind of remind me of the Monty Python animated shorts. Can you tell us a bit about the making of these videos?
A lot of our videos are directed by Albert Birney. He is our brother, our husband, our river tubing amigo. You should check out his latest project: thebeastpageant.jubadaba.com.

Speaking of Monty Python, 'Slim and Slender' features a cover of the theme song to Brazil. Is Terry Gilliam a huge influence for you?
You nailed it! Terry Gilliam is great. I personally think Baron Munchausen is my favorite, but Jeff would definitely vote for Brazil. Sam's favorite is also Brazil.

Stream the Spinto Band's cover of the theme song to "Brazil" at the top of the page.