SAUNA's new video "Glitter Party" is total genius fun

Feb 7

The mighty SAUNA can do no wrong. Their new video, "Glitter Party," premiered on Stereogum today, and it's total ridiculous magic. Molly Bartlett, C.J. Macleod, Ethan Hill, and Sammi Davis turn into piñatas, vomit glitter, rock out, and sparkle more than Bowie making a cameo in Twilight. It's hard to imagine seeing a more fun, more joyful music video this year. These kids have it goin' on hard. Enough innuendo? Yes.

On a personal note: I had the opportunity to be in this video, and I passed it up. This is the last you will ever hear from me. Goodbye, cruel world.

New Hindershot video "Curse Us All" celebrates wanton destruction

Feb 5

Hindershot's recently released video for the song "Curse Us All"—from the new E.P. of the same name—is a colorful portrait of aggression channeled into art. Shot in Spencer Alred's backyard one fateful summer afternoon, it depicts members of the band and friends of the band getting pelted with raw eggs, flour, dyed milk, ketchup, mustard, jello, and other disgusting treats.

Hindershot EP Release Party tonight!

Jan 27

Hindershot will celebrate the release of their new EP, "Curse Us All," with a show at 3 Kings Tavern tonight. Joining the band will be Accordion Crimes, who has a new LP of their own, and The Skeleton Show, Hot Congress Records' newest addition. Manning the DJ booth between bands will be Samurai Buck, aka Brian Marcus, who mastered "Curse Us All." See you there!

Fingers of the Sun land track on Czech-based garage-rock compilation

Jan 10

"Cashmere Paisley Polyester," the final track on Fingers of the Sun's 2011 self-titled debut has made its way all the way to a Czech-based compilation. The comp, titled "Jerks From the Garage" can be downloaded for free at the Budabeats website. Judging from a cursory listen Fingers of the Sun are in good company, as there is some really fantastic stuff there! Check out "Cashmere Paisley Polyester" as well as another choice track from the comp below:


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