Radio 1190's Local Shakedown Vol. IV compilation now available for purchase/download

Oct 24

Hot Congress is proud to be involved with the production of the latest compilation of Colorado music, put together by Radio 1190's "the Local Shakedown." The double-album has been in the works for several months and is finally available for purchase or digital download.

Local Shakedown Vol. IV (CD)

Local Shakedown Vol. IV (Download)

More info on the project, and full tracklist below...

"When you think local music you think Radio 1190, right? Well you should, and we're back for with "The Local Shakedown Vol. 4 Compilation CD" promoting a crop of new (and old) local musicians whose talent needs to be recognized! As your home for local music, Radio 1190 is out 7 days & nights a week loving and promoting the Denver/Boulder local music scene, and now it's time to hear the best of the best.

And here you have it. 40 tracks, 40 bands. Consider this your Lonely Planet guide to Colorado music and Radio 1190 as your tour guides. Whether electronic from Edgewater or punk from Pueblo, this double album of hand-crafted tunes will make existing fans swoon and musical converts out of the one's not in the know.

This double album is only $10 with all proceeds going to support Radio 1190's efforts to promote and curate local music, education, community and independent culture as a whole. So, buy this amazing compilation today, tell all your friends that you-knew- them-when, and put a little boogie in your hips as the dance party gets started!"

01. Dovekins - Sushi Western Part 1
02. Ian Cooke - Bones
03. M├ęsita - Out for Blood
04. Sauna - Wanting You
05. The Manxx - Messin' Around
06. Science Partner - Child Stars
07. Itchy-O - Dance of the Annunaki
08. ManCub - Quite Possible
09. Young Pharaohs - White Shadows
10. Hindershot - Dinosaur
11. Glass Hits - Exit Strategies
12. Night of Joy - Samhain T-Pain
13. FaceMan - TackleMeDown
14. Eye and the Arrow - Stutterbeat
15. Glowing House - Taming Lions
16. Two Tone Wolf Pack - Dead Man Hanging
17. Rubedo - Give My Heart A Break
18. The Knew - Awesome
19. Kissing Party - Racing Alone
20. Amazing Twin - Poster Elitch's

01. You Me & Apollo - Before I Die
02. The Dont's And Be Carefuls - Seventeen
03. StaG - Summerfoot
04. Samurai Buck - Riviera
05. The Foodchain - Back to the Basics
06. The ReMINDers - No Matter
07. Tjutjuna - Desert Song
08. The Blue Rider - THTD
09. In The Whale - Heels
10. The Dirty Few - Oh Yea! Oh No!
11. Girls Walk By - 57 Lashes
12. Achille Lauro - Hard Pressed
13. Safe Boating is No Accident - Her New Man
14. Fingers of the Sun - Send Yourself to Sleep
15. Patrick Dethlefs - Another Colorado Song
16. Mariposa - Oil Spills
17. Princess Music - White Wave
18. The Raven and the Writing Desk - Infancy 'Til Death
19. Snake Rattle Rattle Snake - Paperskin (ManyColoredBeast Mix)
20. Echo Beds - Total Guillotine