Hot Congress Records Free Spring 2013 Sampler

Apr 19

When Hot Congress initially formed in 2009, the only real idea we had in mind was raising money to fund the release of a compilation featuring the handful of bands from our small but tight-knit collective. In continuing with that tradition, we are proud to announce the release of our third compilation, featuring 14 tracks from our ever-growing roster.

Nearly half of the new sampler is comprised of new, as-yet-unreleased tracks from Hindershot, Colfax Speed Queen, The Fine Gentleman’s Club, Io, Skeleton Show, and Fingers of the Sun, while the rest is rounded out by 8 more tracks from recent releases.

The sampler can be downloaded for free (with email address) here:

Full tracklist:

1. Shady Elders - Schoolmate
2. Wire Faces - Endless Gala
3. Hindershot - Into the Inside Out
4. The Outfit - Washed Out
5. Colfax Speed Queen - NRA A OK
6. Fingers of the Sun - Goodnight
7. Achille Lauro - Hand of Sand
8. Science Partner - Animal
9. The Blue Rider - Way Out West
10. Safe Boating Is No Accident - Her New Man
11. Skeleton Show - Body and Soul
12. Kissing Party - Racing Alone
13. Io - Bird Food
14. Fine Gentleman's Club - Live at Comedy Works (excerpt)