Brass Tree Fundraising Residency at Lost Lake

May 23

A little over a month ago Brass Tree Sessions, Denver's favorite insane-house-show-turned-internet-series, filmed what was to be the final episode at their Irvington Street location. While that damn-near-iconic space played a huge role in the success and vibe of the show, the trio of Tyler Campbell, Ben Mund, and Leighton Peterson are not letting the move get them down. Instead, they're headed full-bore into Brass Tree version 2.0.

And while the overall quality of each episode always belied a cellar-dwelling budget consisting of cheapo mics, half-broken stands, and crackling cables, the group is looking to beef up its production value by hosting a fundraising residency at Lost Lake through the month of May. The third show is tonight, and features performances from Il Cattivo, Thee Dang Dangs, and Kissing Party. Donations taken at the door, and keep an eye on Brass Tree's Facebook page for more show announcements later this month.