Announcing: Hot Congress Records Holiday Showcase at the Bluebird Theatre, Friday, December 20th

Nov 5

Hot Congress Records is proud to present a Holiday Showcase at the Bluebird Theatre, featuring performances from Princess Music, Shady Elders, the Blue Rider, Science Partner, and the Fine Gentleman's Club. Beyond being a holiday showcase, it's also a great way to cap a phenomenal year for our young label. With 9 releases, 3 new signings (The Outfit, Distant Correspondent, and Princess Music,) and our first foray into the world of Denver comedy (The Fine Gentleman's Club) 2013 has been the biggest and best year for Hot Congress yet. Let's all ring in the holidays together on Friday, December 20th at the Bluebird Theatre!

Advanced tickets are just $10, and can be purchased at the Bluebird Theater website.

RSVP for the show on Facebook, and be sure to invite your friends!

About the artists:
Princess Music:
“Brilliant…Listen to Odobenidae with your full attention — you’ll need every ounce of focus to comprehend what your ears are experiencing, and even then, this album certainly requires repeat listens.” – The Wild Honey Pie

"What's really scary is how brilliantly this combination works, the album possesses the insistent enjoyability of pop music and the intellectual stimulation of classical music, all the while never seeming to compromise either vision in favour of the other." - Scene Point Blank

The Blue Rider:
"edgy, psychedelic rock with a beat that will raise your heart rate like the adrenaline of riding big surf." - Reverb

"The Blue Rider has that great 60s vintage garage band feel, from the Gibson SG to the gritty organ, think the rowdy rockers of the British Invasion: The Who, The Kinks, The Animals.” – Listen up Denver

Science Partner:
"But while Science Partner started out as basically a fun side project, it’s become apparent during their few-but-impactful live performances over the past couple of years that they are actually a force to be reckoned with on their own. Never was this more apparent than during their show-stopping performance at the Underground Music Showcase in July, which practically stopped traffic with the crowds that gathered outside the open window of the venue." - Oomph Music

Shady Elders:
"a beautiful debut full of fizzing, reverb echoes and nostalgic tales of love lost and won, you can't ask for much more than that." - Just Music That I Like

"The EP No Favors is a shoe-in for fans of shoegaze and dreampop, five tracks with reference points to the likes of Cocteau Twins, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Shop Assistants and The Cure with some 60s pop thrown in for good measure." - Deadly Music

Chris Charpentier (of The Fine Gentleman's Club):
"the steroid shot that has given Denver its performance-enhancing edge over other cities' comedy scenes" - Westword