Sam Tallent, Nathan Lund hitting the road

Nov 29

Sam Tallent and Nathan Lund, aka the Hairiest half of the Fine Gentleman's Club, will be hitting the road for pretty much the entirety of December. The "Naked Apes Comedy Tour" finds the comedians performing at venues in the Midwest, South, and the West Coast over the course of 5 weeks along with fellow Denverites Tobias Livingston and Aaron Urist. Check below for the full schedule.

Fri, Nov. 29: OKC, Sauced.+
Sat, Nov. 30: Dallas, The Texas Theater.+
Sun, Dec. 1: Ft. Worth, Salem's Lot (day)+
The Grotto (night)+
Mon, Dec. 2: OKC, McSalty's+
Tues, Dec. 3: Tallequah, Oklahoma+
Wed, Dec. 4: STL, Brennan's+
Thurs, Dec. 5: Springfield, MO, Outland w/ Mark Archambeault.+
Fri, Dec. 6 thru Sat, Dec 7: Tulsa, The Comedy Parlor+ (two shows a night)
Sun, Dec 8: ABQ, tba.+
Tues, Dec. 10: Denver, Squire
Wed, Dec. 11: Grand Junction, tba#
Thurs, Dec. 12: Tahoe (?), tba#
Fri, Dec. 13: SF, Good Times at the Grotto and Fresh Like Cadaver#
Sat, Dec. 14: San Francisco, Cynic Cave#
Sun, Dec. 15: San Francisco, The Punchline I hope.
Mon, Dec. 16: San Francisco, tba
Tues, Dec. 17: Mill Valley, Cali, Mark Pitta and Friends @ The Throckmorton.
Wed, Dec. 18: SF, Brainwash and THE BUSINESS!#
Thurs, Dec. 19: Humboldt County Show.#
Fri, Dec. 20: Reno, tba.#
Sat, Dec. 21: Salt Lake City, tba#
Wed, Jan. 1: Dearborn, Michigan, Christmas at Emily Oprish's grandma's.
Fri, Jan. 4- Sun, Jan. 6: CHICAGO! ¢

+= W/ Nathan Lund & Tobias Livingston.
#= W/ Lund, Toby and Urist.
¢= W/ Urist.