Kissing Party releases new Christmas EP, shares two new videos

Dec 17

For the past 4 years Kissing Party has released a Christmas-themed single, taking it as an opportunity to gussy up their perfectly crafted two-and-a-half-minute indie-pop songs with holiday bells, chimes, and a healthy dose of Seasonal Affected Disorder. Pretty Lights and You’re Going Everywhere Without Me are this year’s new additions, and each track comes with an accompanying video.

The band explained how the video for Pretty Lights came about in a recent interview with Westword:

The video for "Pretty Lights" came about when Dolan and Deirdre Sage took a trip to Bishop's Castle. "We actually didn't plan on shooting a video at all," Dolan recalls. "We were just going there. On the way there, we thought maybe we would get our cell phones out and shoot some footage. On the day, it was cold as balls, so we thought no one would be in this fucking cold castle on a Saturday afternoon. Turns out there were like twenty Comic Con people there doing god-knows-what. So we thought, 'Holy shit, we've got to ask them.' I didn't even have the song on me, so I had to sing it to them."

The band has compiled all six songs into an EP, Winter in the Pub, which can be downloaded for free or pay-what-you-want at their website.