Catch all the Hot Congress acts at tomorrow's Westword Music Showcase

Jun 20

Thw Westword Music Showcase is upon us once again. The annual fest features headliners Diplo, 2 Chainz, Man Man, King Khan and the Shrines, and Cherub as well as a bevy of local talent, including a handful of your favorite Hot Congress acts. Here's when and where you can catch them:

12:45 - Science Partner at KREWE

1:30 - The Outfit at BAR STANDARD

3:00 - Safe Boating is No Accident at BAR STANDARD

3:00 - Colfax Speed Queen at BROADWAY'S

5:15 - Fingers of the Sun at ROOSTER & MOON

6:00 - Kissing Party at ROOSTER & MOON

6:45 - Shady Elders at BAR STANDARD

Check out the full schedule here.