Quantum Creep Announce debut album, "Blood Moon"

Dec 8

Hot Congress is proud to announce the release of Quantum Creep's debut album, "Blood Moon."

"Quantum Creep is the straight forward jangle of The Kinks, Nick Lowe and The Soft Boys filtered through a shoestring recording budget.... Brit influenced Power-Pop the way it was supposed to be listened to. The Buzzcocks or The Vapors playing out of a busted car speaker with the heater on full blast as you drive down your snowy suburban street imagining playing solo guitar in front of thousands of screaming teenage females." - Tome to the Weather Machine

The band will celebrate the release on Saturday, December 20th at the Walnut Room, with Fingers of the Sun, Hair Cult, For Keeps, and Daryl & the Strawberries joining the bill.

Listen to "Two for Flinching" below: