Too Much Fun Turns 4 Tonight

Jan 14

The Fine Gentleman's Club are celebrating four years of hosting their free weekly comedy show, Too Much Fun, by inviting Denver comedians to come and roast them. The fun starts at 10:30pm at the Deerpile.

A brief history of Too Much Fun from the mouths (keyboards?) of the Gentlemen themselves....

"The first Too Much Fun! was January 5th, 2011. Ben Kronberg headlined a small, cold side room at the Rockaway Tavern by the Firestone on 20th and Broadway. It's some kind of fancy sausage place now. There was nothing fancy about it then, unless you think junkies and sidewalk blood are fancy.

When the Rockaway closed, we took Too Much Fun! on the road for four weeks in search of a new home. We were at Ron's (remember Ron's?!), and the Meadowlark, and Rackhouse Pub, and Old Curtis St.

When the Rockaway closed again(?!), we lucked out HARD because, thanks to Dan Landes and Jonny DeStefano and Abbey Jordan, we were able to move to the Deer Pile, and our show was allowed to grow and adapt and gain momentum. More people showed up. We were on the cover of the Westword. Now, we're rich and famous! In spirit.

Four friends. Four years. Two hundred shows. Infinite love.