Quantum Creep - Blood Moon

"...infectious power-pop... Quantum Creep is the straight forward jangle of The Kinks, Nick Lowe and The Soft Boys filtered through a shoestring recording budget and a musical history mired in playing in some of Denver's most Out bands. Quantum Creep is comprised of the remnants of Denver weirdo band/Rhinoceropolis denizens Lil' Slugger and Vitamins drummer Crawford Philleo on keys.

Kissing Party - looking back it was romantic but at the time i was suffocating

Denver indie sloppers Kissing Party are back with what can only be described as a Kissing Party record (half drunken-guitar-pop songs; the rest mini-pop-symphonies ).

'Looking back it was romantic but at the time i was suffocating' is the sound of debt, regret, heartbreak, hair dye & Pennsylvania.

The Outfit - Station Wagon Apocalypse

Here it is, the brand new 7-inch record from Denver's The Outfit. The mixed color vinyl comes with instant digital download of the 2 tracks, "Station Wagon Apocalypse" and "Tyrannosaurus Surfboard."

Featuring Jesse Hunsaker's artwork printed by Superior Printing in Denver, CO.

"Big drums, big guitars, big vocals, big fun." - Independent Clauses

Fingers of the Sun - What Is This Life?

"'What Is This Life?' is an album that reconciles Fingers of the Sun's earlier sound (rooted in '60s pop and psychedelia) with the lush arrangements and melancholic but hopeful undertones characteristic of the band's more recent live performances.

Safe Boating is No Accident - BONUS FEATURES

"A wildly compelling rock band with a fully-intact sense of humor" - Westword

"These are songs that would find a nice home alongside ’70s Lou Reed and Elvis Costello, two punk/rock artists in love with pop in an Andy Warhol sort of ironic-yet-earnest way." - REVERB

"Safe Boating Is No Accident has earned a reputation for crafting accessible indie pop songs, laced with wit and humor, and their most recent full-length album, Bonus Features, does not threaten to tarnish that reputation." - Literati Records

Distant Correspondent - Distant Correspondent

"Modern dream pop in its latest form, best describes the mellow and floaty sounds created by Distant Correspondent..." - MTV Iggy

"Like Joy Division if Ian Curtis had been on anti-depressants." - Magnet

The Blue Rider - The Blue Rider EP

The Blue Rider EP is 10 quick bursts of fuzzy, vintage-sounding R&B, surf, soul, psych, and garage rock n' roll. Trebly guitar and dirty keys trade hooks over a killer rhythm section, while sparse vocals howl and moan throughout, almost as if from a distance. Available as a 10" vinyl (w/ digital download.)

The Outfit - Tough Kids

Courses of change in the face of time create a Rocky splitting sound that causes an avalanche to make even the most giant of egos reflect and weep on, "What Happened To You". The emperor-esque held esteems and independent empire commanding, "Caesar" is the extended player's big single designed with big emotive high risers, paired with the song's key sparse bass from Mike King and Mikael Kilates' guitar that both play off RJ Powers' heartache in a heartbeat percussion.

Princess Music - Odobenidae

Odobenidae is fashioned as a song-cycle of eight pieces, undulating between the dungeonesque depths of classic rock grime, and the playful heights of bantering woodwinds and strings. It is sonically sewn together to form the chimerical world of the walrus. Never lacking in drama or caprice, Princess Music has crafted an album intent on mirroring the nature of our lives.

"The truth is, we need a hell of a lot more music like this in our lives." - I Guess I'm Floating

Colfax Speed Queen - Satisfaction Intended

“Colfax Speed Queen is not new to the game, but the band no doubt deserves more attentive ears. Its songs are as a idiosyncratic and lively as the street from which CSQ takes its name. Jumpy keys and jangly guitars steer quickly and full of punk attitude; it’s a formidable body that also extends a hand outward and grabs a fistful of catchiness.” Reverb (Denver Post music blog)

“From Denver, a little bit Prince and a little bit Buddy Holly. Imagine that being punk was fun and not so angry.” Donnybrook

Fingers of the Sun - 3

"3," the brand-new EP from Denver's Fingers of the Sun opens, "On the day that you were born the sky was bright and fiery orange..." and it's immediately apparent that this will be a much different affair than their previous effort, the nocturnal-themed "Sleepy EP." The 5 songs on the appropriately titled third release all brim with sunshine, bouncing playfully between gleeful psychedelia, Elephant-6-esque arrangements, and garage rock. It's a sound well-suited to the aesthetic of Burger Records, who are releasing the collection on cassette tape.

Shady Elders - No Favors

"Their track “Schoolmate” off of their upcoming album is conveniently titled. We say that because we can’t help but think of dancing to this song at a high school prom sometime in the 50′s. The guitar chords, the dreamy doo-wop feel, and the sultry vocals of lead singer Britt Rodemich had us feeling like grabbing our sweethearts and awkwardly dancing in circles through our high school gyms." - The Music Ninja

Wire Faces - King Cataract

Wire Faces, Halloween 2011. The band was dressed up as Television, playing absolutely note-perfect tracks from the seminal Marquee Moon to an ecstatic sold-out crowd. What impressed most about the band – more than the flawless renditions of these difficult songs, more than the fact that drummer Shane Zweygardt was playing double-duty by blasting Billy Ficca’s skittering drumbeats whilst yowling a faithful Tom Verlaine yowl - was that all of this effort was for a one-off tribute show. This is a kind of work ethic and attention to detail that you just don’t see in bands much anymore.

An Evening with The Fine Gentleman's Club

This is the debut album from The Fine Gentleman’s Club, recorded live at Denver’s legendary Comedy Works last Halloween. The album, featuring stand-up performances from all four Gentleman – Chris Charpentier, Bobby Crane, Nathan Lund, and Sam Tallent - will be released on 12” vinyl in August.

All orders come with an instant download of the album.

Science Partner - Rocky Mountain News

To say the least, Rocky Mountain News has been a long time coming. In 2008, Science Partner began as the solo and mostly acoustic project of Denver-based guitarist Tyler Despres. With the addition of new members (the band is now a six-piece) classic tracks like “Child Stars” and “Animal” had been transformed into strong, tongue-in-cheek pop gems. Other songs, like “Architects” and “Young Patriots” played out as lush, epic expanses of music.

The Blue Rider - Way Out West

Way Out West, the debut from Denver’s throw-back garage-rockers The Blue Rider sounds right at home on 7” vinyl record. The title track’s yelping vocals and prominent organ and guitar riffing shows off the record’s great retro production values and charged-up songwriting. B-side THTD (short for too hip to dance) finds the band playing with the format, adding a spaced-out spoken-word breakdown smack dab to the middle of a raucous Bo Diddley-style ditty.

Safe Boating is No Accident - Live Without Dead Time

Over the course of their past three releases Denver's Safe Boating is No Accident have slowly been inching away from lo-fi acoustic folk/noise and into a more straight-forward garage rock territory. As on previous releases, "Live Without Dead Time" is focused singer/guitarist Leighton Peterson's biting, satire-ridden lyrics. However, this is the first Safe Boating album to sound like it was written and played by a full band, with Neil McCormick's loping basslines and drummer Zay Alejandro Dicamara Rios' vocal harmonies providing the perfect backdrop for Peterson's words.

Fingers of the Sun - Sleepy EP

From the winding melodies of opener "Send Yourself to Sleep" through ambient, wandering closer "Careful with those sleeping pills, Percy," the Sleepy EP finds Denver's Fingers of the Sun exploring darker-tinged psychedelia than they did on their debut self-titled full-length.

Amazing Twin - Grown Alone

While technically just an EP in length, Grown Alone certainly has the feel of an ALBUM. It's very apparent that Amazing Twin had that concept in mind during its creation, which is lost on far too many records today. It flows seamlessly throughout using lyrical ideas, intricate rhythmic and atmospheric elements, and the catchy, chiming guitars for which the quartet has come to be known. It's a truly polished record without ever feeling stale or manufactured. Start to finish, Grown Alone is an exercise in songwriting and craftsmanship.

Night of Joy - "Hardcore Girls are a Hoax"

"While you were registering your 15th album/project on Kickstarter, we were counting change to pay the rent and pay for this record. We play bars and have no draw, we've never been mentioned on your blog or Pitchfork, and we'll be taking shits around the clock whether you're paying attention or not. That's how the world works. It's taken Night of Joy for fucking ever to get Hardcore Girls Are A Hoax out into the world, and now you have to read this before you even listen to it. But the album is short, so you can still go meet your girlfriend at the Bane show. But remember: she doesn't like hardcore. She just has a daddy complex." —NOJ

Achille Lauro - Flight or Flight

Achille Lauro's Flight or Flight combines intricate guitar and synth melodies with the rhythms of Graceland-era Paul Simon, while vivid lyrics stutter and roll like dub music coming in over a station just out of range, recalling intimate moments and half-remembered conversations. The songs were originally conceived to be released as a series of singles, but after a few recording sessions the band realized they had enough material for a full length album. This singles-minded approach shines through, as Flight or Flight showcases some of Achille Lauro’s finest songs to date.

Hindershot - Curse Us All

It would be way too easy to say that Hindershot’s sophomore release, Curse Us All, charts the band’s growth over the past year and a half. Instead, this 4-track EP is just another exercise in strong, consistent songwriting for the Denver-based sextet. From the ambling attitude of the title track down to the experimental roaming of the final song, “Dinosaur,” each cut showcases Hindershot’s innate ability to write fluid, yet detailed, indie pop. In the end, tracks this immaculate will hook in so many repeat listeners; it won’t even matter that the band has evolved.

Kissing Party - Wasters Wall

Over the past 5 years, Denver’s Kissing Party has churned out well-crafted indie-pop music with such regularity they make it seem effortless. “Wasters Wall,” their fifth release and first through Hot Congress, was written in a more collaborative fashion than previous albums, and it shows with the addition of a few new colors to KPs traditional sonic palette of chiming guitars and dual vocals (see: the noisy, shoe-gaze-influenced coda of “The Game,” or the electronic pulses in album-ender “Gold Holes”.) Having a tremendous amount of songs to choose from has its advantages, too. Singer/guitarist Gregg Dolan estimates that they had around 278 to pick from – though that estimate should probably be taken with a grain of salt, it's irrelevant, as each of the ten songs to make the final cut is a gem.

Sun Red - Breathes Ages

It’s unlikely that there will be a debut from any other Denver band in 2011 as dense, patient, and lyrical as Sun Red’s “Breathes Ages” EP. While much of that may have to do with the fact that three of this quartet played together previously in (die)Pilot, Sun Red is very much its own thing, and is certainly a step forward for the songwriters. “Breathes Ages” will likely draw comparisons to British rock bands such as Elbow, and much of that is due to Gene Brown’s vocals, equally as weighty and powerful in the quiet moments as the loud. Browns vocals are often dueling with guitarist Dan Sullivan’s counter-melodies, while drummer Chris Durant’s insistent style gives the songs a consistently forward movement. Recorded by bassist Trevor Noel Gagstetter, mastered by Jeff Merkel at 8 Houses Down.

The Don'ts and Be Carefuls - Sun Hits

Sun Hits, the much anticipated new EP from The Don'ts and Be Carefuls finds the band approaching danceable, hook-laden indie rock from a more mature place than their debut, 2009s Risk Assessment. With its interesting arrangements and dynamic shifts, Sun Hits is an album that works as well on the dance floor as it does off of it.

Colfax Speed Queen - Colfax Speed Queen

1. Rock: Pumping, Churning, flailing about the ceiling, stage, or bar top.

2. Roll: Wringing sweat from the brow, pelvic gyrating, and the capacity to 'strut'.

3. Mix equal parts Rock and Roll, stir, shimmy and shake!...

Then, pour generously for your friends, and Boom! Pow!! Everybody's enjoying Colfax Speed Queen all night long!"

Vitamins - No Notion of Anything Only Whatever Is What

Vitamins return in 2011 with a new 7" release for Denver-based art/music collective Hot Congress.

"No Notion of Anything Only Whatever Is What." Krautrock to infinity and beyond: the A-side of this disc is motorik, psychedelic, and a bombastic blast, but not necessarily in that order. Despite its overwhelmingly dense mix of color and texture—all carefully, studiously processed and mixed—the tune still manages a spacious, blissful clarity.

Hindershot - It's Only Blood

The debut 7-inch/EP from Hindershot, It's Only Blood is a pure gold romp from the past that sneaks into the future and is chocolate dipped over a thin candy shell. Available in the form of a 7-inch vinyl record or a ghost-like digital download spirit.

Fingers of the Sun - Fingers of the Sun

Fingers of the Sun’s self-titled debut release has captured the best of the past and present as well as the familiar and excitedly uncharted. “This lively sextet takes classic pop structures and warps the lines with psychedelic flourishes while grounding it all with impeccable four-part harmonies.” - Tom Murphy, Westword

Amazing Twin - New Wives' Tale

“New Wives' Tale.” The name says it all. This debut release from Denver's Amazing Twin combines the anecdotal lyricism of a formidable songwriter with the raw tenacity of rock n' roll. Walls of sound and brooding guitar lines create a relentlessly melodic tone that gives way to a raconteur's moments of honest clarity. “Poetic lyrical motifs invoke half-remembered loves like cursed relics, while chiming guitar notes and steady (but never plodding) percussion tie it all together….it smacks of a lost classic.” - John Wenzel, Denver Post

Roger, Roll - Polaroid in Reverse

“...the tranquil beauty of the record is as soothing as it is arresting.” - Tom Murphy, Westword. As reminiscent and reflective the concept behind this record makes you, the true allure is in the masterful restraint. Songwriter Eric Peterson constructs an atmospheric state of mind, the instrumentation is absorbing, and the multi-part harmonies intertwine themselves with grace. It all adds up to a record that certainly won't fade from your consciousness.

Achille Lauro - Indiscretions

“Indiscretions” is the third installment in Achille Lauro's genre-defiant catalog. The band has repeatedly created music that scoffs at convention while lacing in catchy melodies and a dance-like spirit. This release from the talented foursome certainly furthers that trend. “Indiscretions” has Westword touting “...Achille Lauro is a Denver act to watch — now more than ever.”