Hot Congress Records Spring 2013 Sampler

Thanks so much for downloading our newest label sampler! In exchange for the free download we're only asking for an email address in return. We promise we won't deluge your inbox with spammy nonsense, just infrequent announcements about upcoming releases, and we'll always try to include other free goodies with our mailings. Now, enjoy the tunes:

  1. Shady Elders - Schoolmate
  2. Wire Faces - Endless Gala
  3. Hindershot - Into the Inside Out
  4. The Outfit - Washed Out
  5. Colfax Speed Queen - NRA A OK
  6. Fingers of the Sun - Goodnight
  7. Achille Lauro - Hand of Sand
  8. Science Partner - Animal
  9. The Blue Rider - Way Out West
  10. Safe Boating Is No Accident - Her New Man
  11. Skeleton Show - Body and Soul
  12. Kissing Party - Racing Alone
  13. Io - Bird Food
  14. Fine Gentleman's Club - Live at Comedy Works (excerpt)